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For a long time, on the premise of satisfying the user's comfort for home, more users have begun to pursue the intelligence of household products. How can we make the tired body quickly relieved after work? RICHMAT is constantly striving to meet this goal and has formed a complete set of "smart and comfortable home" solutions. Its typical characteristics are as follows:


The RICHMAT product series has powerful performance and long service life, and it is almost difficult to have disturbing faults.

Pursue the ultimate silent working environment;

There are countless product portfolio solutions that support highly ODM;

Have a large number of loyal fans around the world;

Has rich additional configuration functions, including voice control module, under-bed lighting module, sleep monitoring module, wireless charging module, etc.


Household motors pursue extreme comfort and quietness. We are committed to making the work of the motor as smooth as milk into your life.


In order to simplify the complicated life and reduce the disturbing wiring harness, in terms of wireless control and voice control, more and more products of RICHMAT are moving in this direction.


The control system supports the connection of multiple interfaces, plug to go, simple and convenient, and supports wireless functions

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